How can I contact with KREI?

You can contact us writing an email to

Who is behind KREI?

The KREI founders are: Gloria and Marco. (click in each one to find out bio)

How does KREI Method work?

KREI Method is the combination of two scientific tests.

Those analysis allows us to determine unmistakably the cannabis sample fingerprint.

Is KREI Method wholly reliable?

Yes! It works like a paternity test, with over 99% probability of certainty.

How many samples can I analyse?

As many as you want.

Is your method patented?

It will be. It is currently patent pending.

Are there additives added to perform the analysis?

No, definitively not! We extract a DNA sequence to get the fingerprint in a totally harmfulness way, with no modification at all.

Is it necessary to track my sample to add any DNA additives?

No, it is not necessary. You just must make sure that there’s no hybridization with a different specie to maintain the sample’s characteristics.